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Youth Ministry

The youth ministry of Greater Mount Mariah M. B. Church reaches out to those who are lost, saved or just seeking a better understanding of who Christ really is. We teach biblical lessons and give directions on how to consistently live your life as Christ did. This ministry also helps to motivate and develop young minds into strong successful leaders that in hopes one day lead God’s ministry with integrity and authority. We are a helping hands ministry which serves as a refuge for those who need guidance and advice to mend aching hearts. Our goal is to reach lost souls and direct them to the ways of Christ.


Praise Ministry

The Praise Dance Ministry of Greater Mount Mariah M. B. Church  serves as an entity that expresses praise and worship through dance. Psalms 150: 4 says”, Praise him with the timbrel and dance:praise him with stringed instruments and organs.” We thrive to reach souls through the depths of dancing to soothe bleeding hearts and those that feel in despair.


Pastoral Aid Ministry

The Pastor’s Aid Ministry of Greater Mount Mariah M. B. Church serves as a support to the Shepherd of the house,(The Pastor). This ministry was designed to aid the Man of God throughout his ministry while he ministers and feeds the flock the Word of God. All members of the congregation serve on this committee and should support the Sheppard as he follows God. This ministry also is referred to as The Shepherd’s Ministry.

Mission Ministry

The Mission Ministry of Greater Mount Mariah M. B. Church is designed to strength the members and community by serving each other through the works of the Lord. The group prays, counsels, and aid others who are searching for stability within themselves to continue serving in the capacity in which God intended. These members help to guide Christians through this process. The ultimate goal is to seek out those that are lost and direct them to Christ.


Kitchen Ministry

The Kitchen Ministry of Greater Mouth Mariah M. B. Church was developed to serve the congregation as well as the community when the need arises. The future goal of this committee is to develop an open pantry for the needy and outreach program for the community.

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